Long Armed Bill’s Summer Comp is an annual compilation from various artists from the Bay Area. Every summer a new record is released from Slang Church, a record label and art collective based in Oakland, California. This is also a yearly fundraiser for the scholarship fund at Big Minds, an attachment-based, community-focused, non-traditional 1-8th grade special ed program in the San Francisco Bay Area. They serve the twice exceptional (2e) community – which is an emerging term for people who are both gifted and have one or more disabilities. Many of the faculty, staff, and students are trans, queer, and/or BIPOC. Where more traditional institutions employ a deficits-based model (i.e., addressing academic “deficiencies” as defined by state and federal benchmarks), we offer emergent curriculum and student-driven learning that focus on the student’s strengths and passions and throw conventional academic expectations out the window.

This past year, Long Armed Bill’s Summer Comp Volume I was able to gross over $6,000 for the school!