Slang Church is an art collective and music label in Oakland, California founded in 2013. Slang Church is community. Our aim is to build, foster, and expand connections between musicians, venues, and showgoers outside the scope of the music industry as it currently stands. We platform the voices of DIY in the east bay, and which can only happen with the contributions of community members. Slang Church, as an active progenitor thereof, strives to build a community that is accessible to all who wish to take part. Beyond live music, Slang Church also acts as a quasi-record label, actively seeking ways to shift the role of a label partner from a clout club to earnest, sustainable infrastructure, and working to create a more equitable means of art as sustenance even as we reject the commercial commodification of art and the broader human experience.This organization works to help the local DIY music scene while also providing safe and accessible environments to perform and listen. 


Gig Church is a not-for-profit Slang Church-backed initiative that seeks to provide sustainable, accountable, inclusive, and accessible infrastructure for art and music on a local level and beyond. Our goals are to be able to sustainably provide guarantees to all bands regardless of draw and show turnout, record & livestream as many of our events as possible, and generally provide safe spaces for art backed by community accountability processes. All shows are booked, worked, and attended by collective members. All of the money made at our shows goes directly into the pockets of the artists and venues who make the experience possible.